Fox the Fugitive series

by Karoshi

Fox the Fugitive (162KB)
Summary: Mulder, betrayed by those closest to him, attempts to disappear and begin a new life. How does he deal with the loss the only life he ever knew? Can he leave his search for the truth behind?

The Chase Continues (148KB)
Summary: Mulder, pursued by friend and foe, continues his efforts to begin a new life in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Scully, Skinner and a murderous tribal ghost will not allow him to slip quietly into anonymity.

Lessons Learned (161KB)
Summary: Mulder takes on the role of a high school teacher in a low-income area. Will the "Lessons Learned" be enough to finally bring Mulder home?

1-900-FMULDER (278KB)
Summary: Mulder, a 900 operator! Marty has sex! Scully & Mulder sleep together (karoshi style). CSM gets the boot! A sexual psychopath serial killer.

Black Gold, Texas Tea... (188KB)
Summary: Black Cancer, Mulder vs. The Consortium and secrets involving the Alex Krycek/Barry Manilow connection are revealed.

Healing Spirits (190KB)
Summary: An ex-student of Mulder's introduces him to the infamous Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. Here he encounters kindred spirits and together, they find the courage to face their fears.