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IMPORTANT!!! ok this one is wacko. It took me a LONG time to even work up the courage to write it! So hereís what you do; read this first part then clink on the link of choice when asked to. You get to choose the Agentsí activities on their way to and from the case (very little case!) and so on. The time span isnít realistic, but I needed to do it this way! =) The beginning, some parts in between and ending are all the same no matter what you choose. You could go through this a few times before getting bored I think! Somethings are very very different.

PLEASE I beg of you to: 1. Let me know how this works out, if its good I will do a sequel (night/evening time). 2. Let me know of any mistakes in the story, you know if links to donít work the right way or if something doesnít flow right. It will probably take a while for it to be perfect.


9:00 am

"Hey Scully." Mulder greeted from his slouched position at his desk.

"Good morning." Scully said as she dropped a few files onto her desktop. Then she yawned and stretched.

"Long night?" Mulder asked as he swung his feet up onto his desk.

Scully shook her head. "Not really. So whatís on the agenda today?"

Mulder grinned. "Iím glad you asked Scully." She interrupted him with a groan. "Now itís not that bad. A got a call this morning, right before you walked in, about a very interesting death."

Scully sat down at her desk and glared at him. "Mulder stop trying to make this dramatic and just tell me what happened."

Mulder let out a sigh and frowned at her inability to play along. "They donít know why she died. Just kinda dropped dead last night after stepping out of her car and onto her sidewalk. Donít look at me like that, there are witnesses. She stood up and fell right over." He demonstrated with his hand vertical then snapping horizontal. "She was 29 and no history of heart problems or anything."


Mulder winked and pointed at her. "Thatís where you come in you little slice Ďn dice extrordinar."

Scully groaned again. "I canít wait."

Mulder jumped from his chair with vigor. "You donít have to! Letís go, Miss Sally Thorn is at the morgue in the city and you can start choppiní!"

Scully signed and pulled herself up from her desk. Mulder stood anxiously at the doorwayÖ

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